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The Transport Technical College is the only school in  Brasov county that trains labour force specialized in hi-tech areas - Computer Studies,Communication Technology,Electronics and Automation, Computing Technique, CAD Design,Media and Printing Craft production , Automotive Transport,for the railway and the automotive departments , but also for many other different fields.Our school supplies Upper-secondary education, day courses and low attendance courses,Vocational School and Post-graduate education.

As for the Gymnasium cycle graduates , our educational offer for the next year refers to the 4year Upper secondary cycle, day courses, and includes the following professions- Transport technician, CAD project designer, Electromechanics technician, Electrical Equipment technician.After graduating, students get skill certificates and so they may enter for the Bacalaureate examination. Then, they may attend post-graduate education courses or they can get a job.

By means of the 2 year Vocational education ,the 9th form graduates may be trained as Car Mechanics. They get the qualification level 2 certificate and  after that they can get hired. They may also  attend the Upper Secondary education courses and sustain the Bacalaureate exam.

The 10th form graduates who do not wish to attend the upper secondary courses may get trainned as car mechanics or car tinner by means of 6 month practical tuition stages.After graduating, they get qualification certificates ,so they can get hired in that field.

For the non-graduating adults working in the economics branch, our school supplies 5 year evening courses related to the area of Natural Sciences.

Graduates from upper secondary school with Bacalaureate Diploma, as well as graduates from upper secondary school without a Bacalaureate Diploma may go either on post-graduate education ( qualification level 3+)- in the branch of Communication Service Network Technician- or on Foreman School, in the field of electromechanic railway engine foreman.

THE TRANSPORT TECHNICAL COLLEGE BRASOV has a 90 year history. The school has been placed in the actual location since1950,when it started as The Railway Vocational School.In1973 The RailwayTransport School Cluster was born. In 2006 it became The Railway Transport Technical College.In 2009 our school merged with The Automotive Transport School Cluster and has become The Transport Technical College. In 1996, duet o its remarkable results,our school was selected among other 24schools in our country to participate in the first Phare-Vet Reform European Programme of Vocational Education focussed on the area of transports. By this European Programme, our school was provided with modern technology, while the teachers were trainned in various states of the European Union.

At present our school has a number of 36 groups of students with 880 students, 71 teachers,11 auxilliary teacher body and and 22 non-teaching teacher body.

Our students get trainned in laboratories, classrooms and workshops supplied with modern technology by means of Phare Vet Programme.Within the tuition classes, they have the possibilities to use the modern school motor vehicles.

The graduates have the chance to work in E.U. countries, or to go on university education.

The students make use of:

-3 computer studies laboratories provided with 85 modern computers connected to the school network and to the internet.

-The Computer Assisted Electronics lab, the only one in use by the Romanian educational institutions

-The Automative Legislation lab endowed with online testing, software

-The Motor Vehicle Structure Lab

-5 school motor vehicle in order to get the driving licence,B category

-One truck with trailer in order to obtain C and CE category

-Measurements lab, Communication lab, Electric Measurements lab

-The lab for Electric Machinery Study and Testing

-lab supplied with equipment for phonetic study of foreign languages, Physics, Chemistry,Biology, Materials Strength and Machinery Parts labs

-Socio-humanistic ,Maths,Drafting labs

-Methodics and Vocational Counselling centre

-2 Electrotechnics and 3 locksmithery workshops supplied with machinery

-2 P.E. halls ,3 sports grounds

-Multimedia polyvalent hall ,a school radio station , a school  library with 17.000 entries

-The school sports club- the Greek-Roman CSS CFR


The Transport Technical College offers students an environment that helps them to train for line of work that fits them best and ensures them the future they desire.Students can take part in diverse out-of-school activities such as those of media editor-operators within the School Radio One radio station and the Feroviar Group 95 TV Movie studio, or they can practise Greek-Roman wrestling at the school club CSS-Transports.

The Physical Education halls and the sports grounds are at their disposal.

Highschool 9th grade graduates can continue studies in the second year Vocational School in order to obtain qualification level 2, then they can attend highschool and sustain the graduation exam.


Starting with 1995, students as well as teachers have part taken numerous international projects, students exchanges and seminars with organization from France, Germany,Portugal, Greek, Italy, Austria as partners.


The Transport Education Trade-Union federation was formed in 1992 with our school as its headquarter, reuniting trade-unions from all educational institutions in the domain from Romania.

 A group of teachers, alumni and students’ parents constituted the Romanian Foundation for Railway Training in 1994 its main aim being the permanent support given to school in achieving its goals at home and abroad.Both organizations keep on functioning at present.

The  school has as partners numerous economical entities with private or state capital where students complete practical tuition stages focussed on different areas.

The professional teacher body, the modern equipment valuing long tradition, partnership with economic entites, active in the railway and automotive transport domains, as well as in other sectors with educational institutions and EU NGO-s, represent success vectors in our students professional development and education.

 The Transport Technical College – Tradition…Professionalism…Success through Technology…

A school for the third millenium… A school for you!


Additional information on the school site  or at the educational institution secretariate –
12 Fundatura Harmanului Street, Brasov, or phone /fax - . 0268 335700 / Fax. 0268 334689 .